With more than 4.4 million higher education students having taken part in the Erasmus+ programme, it is one of the most successful initiatives of the European Union.

The Erasmus+ programme has been developed to create young generation who’s cultural identity transcends traditional cultural divisions, who carry memories and values within themselves that originate from all corners of the European continent.

To ensure that this happens, an Erasmus+ experience must reach further than the study programme. Erasmus+ should go beyond individual participants, impacting both their home and host communities.

The programme should encourage students to be active participants during their exchange by volunteering and engaging with their host community. This experience will make each Erasmus student anambassador of the programme and its message, multiplying the results of the investment in each participant and supporting the creation of a society of active citizens.

This Charter points out the different benefits the Erasmus+ programme can have on exchange students as well as on local communities. The focal point is the social impact of the Erasmus+ programme, highlighting benefits not directly related to a persons academics progress or employability opportunities.

The SocialErasmus charter examines the different key elements that should form the backbone of an Erasmus experience.

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