The SocialErasmus+ training weeks took place between 7 and 19th of February 2019 in Vienna Austria. 

Close to 50 participants from all over Europe, focused on improving the knowledge of Coordinators in the field of SocialErasmus with a focus on supporting Erasmus students participating in Erasmus in Schools activities. 

The training focused on how to best implement Erasmus in School activities, How to support the non-formal learning experience of Erasmus students before, during and after the activity in the school, which tools to use that will be developed by the SocialErasmus+ to set up events and including which content to bring to schools and how to direct it to different target groups depending on age or study field.

The training is a collaboration between Erasmus Student Network and Youth for Exchange and Understanding and was hosted and facilitated by Youth for Exchange and Understanding.

During the training, the participants created 9 workshop modules that were tested with more then 60 local high school students.